Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Addition Fun and a Funny Story!

Looking for a way to rid your kiddos of the winter blues?  How about a fun-filled 63 page pack of addition fun and games.  I created this fun and exciting winter unit and I am pumped to start using it when we get back to school in January!  I hope you enjoy it!!  It's only $3.00 but I'll have it on sale for the next two days!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!  I am excited to spend some time with some great friends as we ring in the New Year!  We are having a wine and cheese party... can you say YUM?!

And since you made your way through this post, here's  a good chuckle for you!  We were reliving Christmas memories and this one just cracks us up every time!  It's Christmas morning and we are about to open presents with our immediate family.  My sister asks my mom what kind of Nook she got my dadd.  (We were all going to pitch in since that's all he REALLY REALLY wanted!)    My mom then proceeded to laugh and say what do you got the Nook!  This led to some funny glances and  a burst of laugher after an initial freak out!  That's right... neither of them had gotten the Nook.  We had no present for my dad! AHH!  WE whipped up a quick little note on the computer telling him we wanted him to pick out the exact one he wanted! HAHAHA :)  No worries, we came clean to him!   

Have a New Year full of love and LAUGHTER...LAUGHTER is key! ;)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Fun Freebies!!

I have a few new freebies that I posted yesterday in my tpt shop!  I am thinking about doing a little updating when I get back in my classroom in January so I made some fun new numbers that I can use for everything and anything for labels!  My students have numbers as well, so I see many uses in their future! haha :)  Here's a little peek!

I also created some winter BUMP boards!  Have you played bump with your class?  Do they LOVE LOVE LOVE it as much as mine? My class is obsessed with bump.  It is not my original idea.  It is originally Shari Sloan's brainwork.  Click here for a website full of some more great math games and ideas from her.  Anyways, if you haven't played bump before- download these free winter playing mats and go to town!  The directions on the tpt page!

I'm almost done with my newest creation.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll have it uploaded to tpt.  I'm working on a giant pack full of winter addition fact fun!  Doesn't that sound fabulous?!  After that, I'll move onto subtraction.  My little kiddos need lots and lots of repetition and practice with their facts.  Why not make it fun? 

I think I need to do more resting over break! haha ;)  I did rest most of the first week off, but I'm trying to take advantage of the extra time we have!!  Have a happy Sunday everyone!

One last thing- like my new blog design?  I love it!!  Thanks to Alicia at DreamlikeMagic Designs.  She's the best!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday Made It...Way late? Super early? Nonetheless, FUN!

So, I know it's Sunday, but I've been wanting to post these all week.  I have anther one to post tomorrow, so I figured what the heck!?  Well, I am excited to finally participate in Tara's Monday Made It.  Check out all the inspiring ideas every week!  

Then, I made this super simple ruler holder.  I just have the rulers laying in my green bins from Walmart, but they make a mess.  This was just a pringles container wrapped in scrapbook paper.  Found the idea here on pinterest!  FABULOUS!!  My husband needs to finish the other pringles container so I can make one more.  It'll be perfect!
I'm thinking of adding some black ribbon around the top.  I'm thinking I want my classroom colors to be bright colors with some black mixed in.   
Supplies:  empty pringles container, tombo adhesive, scrapbook paper!
Inspiration:  Classroom DIY blog  (i'm obsessed!!)

I also made the ever-so-popular teacher toolbox!  I got my box from Ace Hardware.  I will eventually spray paint the outside black I think.  Here's a picture of my version...I am so excited to be super organized this school year!!
Inspiration:  Create-Teach-Share
She even has a pdf of her labels.  I used them but then downloaded the font Howser to make a few more that she didn't include. I still have two empty small spaces.  I think I'm going to wait until school starts and see what I need to fill them with!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back tomorrow with another DIY-  I have a great school one, and a WAY FUN home DIY project!!  Thank you, Pinterest and Tara!!!

Have you checked out Tonya's Blog?!

Tonya over at Tonya's Treats for Teaching is almost at 200 followers.  If you don't follow her already, go on over and check it out!  She has some great ideas.  I love her test button idea, scratch off tickets, and so much more!!  Her scratch off tickets are my fav!!  She has made them for many different themes!  I'm a rather new follower of her blog and love checking it out!  Don't miss out!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Reading!!

Hello to my 11 friends! :)

HAPPY SUMMER!!I'm back and going to start blogging a lot more this summer!!  Here's my summer reading list...

It's an old one, but I want to read it before I see the movie (I know, I'm way behind...)

I also found this one on my shelf and want to read.  I love Emily Giffen!

I also hope to get on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon, but we'll see!!

When it comes to school, here are the reads I'm excited to read or reread....

and I just love Debbie Miller...
What are you reading this summer??