Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Fun Freebies!!

I have a few new freebies that I posted yesterday in my tpt shop!  I am thinking about doing a little updating when I get back in my classroom in January so I made some fun new numbers that I can use for everything and anything for labels!  My students have numbers as well, so I see many uses in their future! haha :)  Here's a little peek!

I also created some winter BUMP boards!  Have you played bump with your class?  Do they LOVE LOVE LOVE it as much as mine? My class is obsessed with bump.  It is not my original idea.  It is originally Shari Sloan's brainwork.  Click here for a website full of some more great math games and ideas from her.  Anyways, if you haven't played bump before- download these free winter playing mats and go to town!  The directions on the tpt page!

I'm almost done with my newest creation.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll have it uploaded to tpt.  I'm working on a giant pack full of winter addition fact fun!  Doesn't that sound fabulous?!  After that, I'll move onto subtraction.  My little kiddos need lots and lots of repetition and practice with their facts.  Why not make it fun? 

I think I need to do more resting over break! haha ;)  I did rest most of the first week off, but I'm trying to take advantage of the extra time we have!!  Have a happy Sunday everyone!

One last thing- like my new blog design?  I love it!!  Thanks to Alicia at DreamlikeMagic Designs.  She's the best!

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