Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Doubles are Sweet Flash Freebie and a Freebie! Everyone Wins!

Are you following my blog with Bloglovin?  I missed this whole boat last summer when I was laying on my couch with horrible morning sickness! (Why do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day, anyway!?)

Next year, I want to do math rotations on a regular basis.  I will have a much smaller class next year, so I think it'll be just the time to dive right in.  I dabbled with it this year, but we could never find our groove.  I'll keep playing around with stations as the year winds down, but next year we will hit the ground running.  Since I have that goal, I've been working on a lot of math pack.  These are skills my students need through Common Core and to simply increase their Number Sense and fact automaticity.

Here's a look at my Doubles are Sweet! {Doubles, Doubles +1, and Doubles +2 Task Cards, Games, and Printables} pack.  Click on the preview below to see the mini unit.

This packet includes
-24 task cards colored
-24 task cards black and white
-Recording sheets-
Game board-
-Slap it! Game
-9 Printables with answer keys
The activities and games would be perfect for your math centers or rotations!  

*A big thanks to my new buddy, Amanda, who did some proofreading for me!*

It's time for another flash freebie!  Grab it for free for the next hour or so...but please leave me some feedback and let me know how you like it!  Feedback makes me smile!

I also posted a freebie.  It is a Doubles, Doubles + 1 I Have, Who Has game.  My kids love this game, and I hope yours will too!!  Click the preview below to download.

Happy Tuesday!


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