Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love These!!!

I had a few of these dry erase pockets from the dollar section.  I used them when students were working in centers since I only had a few.  Well...I hit up Amazon and I found a pack of 25 of them (in bright fun colors!) for a decent price!  Of course I got free shipping on them!!  I am in love! :-)

I am a firm believer in presenting material in a variety of ways and giving students a variety of mediums as practice.  I whipped these bad boys out in math this week and you would have thought that we were doing a time activity for the first time!  HAHA!  They were just so pumped to be using the pockets!

Just a quick post today to share my love for my dry erase pockets!  Happy Hump Day! :)


  1. We use page protectors as dry erase boards all day long. I stick our daily math worksheet in it and students do it each day as a warm-up. They're awesome!

    1. Hi, Jessica! :) I'm so glad I'm not the only one in love with them right now!! :)

  2. I love these protectors too! They make things more fun for the kids and reduce the number of copies I have to make.

    Compassionate Teacher