Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Product Swap!!

Well, our product swap is a little delayed due to the terrible flooding that devastated my area last week. But, HERE WE ARE....AND I AM EXCITED!!

I was lucky to be paired up with Aris form Sailing into Second.  Have you been to her blog?  Are you a follower?  If you aren't, stop what you are doing right now, and click over to her blog and become a follower.  You won't be sorry.  She has some great posts and I love reading about her classroom and ideas!.
Sailing into Second

I reviewed her Spring Literacy and Math centers, and let me tell you, they are FAB.U.LOUS! :-)

I love the bright colors and cute graphics.  They are just perfect for spring!They just can't help but make you happy, and my kids just loved them!!  We'll be using them for the rest of this week, but here is a peek at these great centers!  These centers also come with black and white pages if you don't want to use color ink!  It's such a great option!  Kid friendly instructions are also included!

There are 6 literacy centers.  Each center comes with a recording sheet perfect for second graders! 
 The skills that are covered are:
-compound words
-synonym matching
-syllable sorting
-verb forms
-noun sorting
-spring picture writing

My kids' favorites were the Cloudy Compound Word center and the Syllable center.  The Syllable Center was just perfect for us since our spelling words this week focus on syllables.  It was so cute to hear and see them clapping the syllables out!  If they finished early, I had them put all the words in ABC order- it was so cute and they were so so proud of themselves!  In the Cloudy Compound Word center, students had to match the cute little clouds to make compound words.  There is then a recording sheet that also lets the students use the words in a sentence.  My kids were so proud of themselves finding the compound words.

The writing center was adorable.  Your students will pick a card and get to create a story using the adorable picture on your card.  My kids thought this was a really fun activity since we really haven't done anything like it before.  I will have to add that into my lesson plans more often!

Here are the literacy centers in action!

Here are also 6 math centers included in this pack!  The skills are absolutely perfect for 2nd graders!
The centers in this spring pack include:
-making numbers
-even and odd
-word problems
-number pairs

I loved the Windy Word Problems because my students definitely need extra practice with word problems.  It was a fun way for them to get that extra practice!  They worked in pairs and one student pretended to be the teacher, it was adorable!

My kids' favorite was the Bee-utiful Number center.  They need to choose three numbers and make the bigger number possible.  My class is ultra competitive and started comparing numbers at well.  It was super cute!  Mr. 570 was pretty upset after he realized he should switch his numbers around but still wouldn't win! ;)

It truly is a great value and I hope you go check it out!   Go put them in your cart now for a great way to end the year.  Also, it's never to early to stock up for next year!  Thank you to my new friend, Aris!!  What a great product!!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the flooding. I have been seeing the pictures and videos on the news. I hope you are staying safe.

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