Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books! Books! Books!

There are a few linky parties going on right now that both have to do with BOOKS!  Check out these books and then go join in the fun and link up as well!

Courtney from Swimming into Second is having a linky party about books for boys.  Here are some of the books that the boys in my class seem to enjoy...

They also love Extreme Animal books.  There are tons of them out are few in my classroom library!

They also seem to love books about extreme weather.  Do you see a pattern here?  Haha...

I have some high readers in my class.  They have really taken to Roald Dahl books.  Here are just a few of his awesome books.

Captain Underpants!  They find it hilarious!

To go right along with the above is the new Super Diaper Baby books.  They are just cracking up as they read!

I hope this helps with some of those reluctant readers that you have!  Go link up with Courtney and add some great books to your classroom library!  I'm excited to see what books others have included.  She is even offering an Amazon Gift Card as an incentive!!  WOO HOO!!

Mary, from Pitner's Potpourri is also holding a linky party about books you want to read.  Go check it out!

A professional book that I'd like to read is:
It is about writer's workshop and helping primary students with writing!

Two books that I'd like to read for pleasure:
I've heard Bossypants is really funny! It's already on my Kindle ready to go! 
Wedding night doesn't even come out until May but Sophie Kinsella is like my favorite author ever!  She is hilarious!!  I figure it's good it doesn't even come out until May considering once school starts again, my time to read will become very limited!!

A book I want to use in my classroom is:
Tonya from Tonya's Treats for Teachers mentioned it on her blog and I'm excited to use it!  It has a pattern of Fortunately...Unfortunately... 

I can't wait to add to my reading list and see what everyone else links up with!

Happy Reading!!


  1. I'm here from the Reading Roundup linky. I'm SO excited about the Fortunately, Unfortunately book. I've been wanting something like that for a project I have stirring in my head and I couldn't remember who I'd seen mention it already. Also, I need to read the writing workshop book, too! Great one to add to my list.

    1. I love Fortunately! It's good for so many skills. Your kids will love it. I have Bossypants loaded on my Kindle, too, but haven't read it yet. I'm not a big fan of the Kindle. I like a book in my hands. Maybe I'd like it better if I gave it more of a chance. I think Sophie Kinsella is hilarious! I'll have to put this one on list, too! And I can definitely use help with writing! Let me know what you think of this book if you get it.
      Thanks for linking up.
      Mary at Pitner's Potpourri

    2. Hi Mary! Thanks for hosting the linky party! :) I totally understand what you mean about the Kindle. It's taking me some getting used to. I like it for trips because it's much lighter than a bag full of books!! :)

    3. Hi e Reyes! I ordered Fortunately from Amazon and its a super cute book! :) I've heard that book is great for writing workshop so I'm excited!

  2. Thanks for linking up Katie! Those are great choices. I love "Bossypants" too. I was laughing hysterically when I read it. Enjoy!

    Swimming into Second

    1. Tina Fey is too funny! :) Thanks for hosting the linky party! :) I've got list going of some new books I'd like for my classroom now :)

  3. Bossypants was GREAT!
    So glad to have found you via a comment you made on A Year of Many Firsts (love her)!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
    Growing Firsties is co-hosting a Shout Out Linky!

  4. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE Sophie Kinsella. Sadly, I jumped over to Amazon to download and read the book as soon as I saw the image. Then I realized it won't be out until the spring! She needs to write more often :)
    Literacy Spark

    1. Haha- sorry to get your hopes up! I was just so excited I saw it was at least one in the works!! Her last one I've Got Your Number is one of my most favorite books! :)

  5. My kids have enjoyed the fortunately book before

    room 4 imagination

    1. Heather- I'm so excited to hear that! I'll be doing it with my students this week! :) Can't wait!!

  6. I laughed SO hard when I read Bossypants! After you commented on my post I had to come check out your blog... Love this post! I still don't know how linky parties work, but I had to read the post about boys' books. You are right about them loving anything extreme! My boys also love Junie B., Magic Treehouse, and of course the hilarious characters Skippyjon Jones, Pigeon, and Pete the Cat. Thanks for finding my blog!

    1. Im so excited for Bossypants! Everyone keeps saying how great it is! :) Thanks so much for stopping by! Ohh- I love Skippyjon! My class loves him too- he's our class mascot! :)

  7. My boys LOVE the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books. I wish I had enough for each of them!
    I'm your latest folower!