Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Addition and Subtraction Facts Fun!!

The CCSS state that all second graders should be fluent in addition and subtraction facts to twenty.  We are having a hard time getting our students to master all these facts.  Very few students are practicing at home despite sending notes home and giving students and parents a plethora of activities to make practicing math facts fun.  We are also noticing that students really think they do know their facts fluently.  Here are some fun ways to help your students practice their facts:

Addition and Subtraction Rap and Rock DVDs.  (We got these from our local library!)

I've also seen some video clips I found on youtube:

Here's the add and subtract body part dance:

Flash cards!  Student get with a partner and quiz each other.  They make piles of ones they know and ones they don't know.  I go around and see if I can say them faster than them so show them how fast they need to know them.  Flashcards are their supply list and they can be found at that the dollar store.

Time Tests
We give out time tests each week.  Students have to pass mixed test of easy addition, easy subtraction, hard addition, hard subtraction and mixed tests.  At this point in the year I don't have anyone who has passed all the tests.  Once they pass all the tests they get their picture taken and have it hung on the Math Master Hall of Fame!

Games! Games!  Games!
Bump is a great game where students practice adding three dice.  I have some FREE winter bump mats in my TpT store.  Check them out here.

Some other games to play:
Beat the Calculator
I Have, Who Has...
Game Board Races using flash cards
Memory Match
Check out my Winter Addition Fact Fun if you're looking for some ideas!

These games can all be played with cards:
Addition War
Addition Top- It
Make a Number

Great math websites:

We also send notes home to parents encouraging students to practice their facts at home and providing suggestions.  

Do you have any other ideas for helping students master math facts?


  1. We use a computer program called First in Math. I LOVE it. It is super motivating and let's kids go as far as they are able. All of my kids have made well over a years worth of growth in math already this year, and I know this program is why. I love it. I also love your ideas! Thank you so much for the great freebie!


    1. OOh- thanks so much!!! I'm going to look into that! :)