Monday, January 21, 2013

Multiplication Frenzy with a Freebie!

I hope you are enjoying the day off if you have one!  I thought everyone was off, but I've been reading in "blogworld" that some people have school or even a teacher work day today!  If I was in charge of the world- I'd have every Monday off.  I really needed an extra day to sleep and catch up!

Alright, back to the past week in my classroom.  Despite the fact that my students are still working on mastering addition and subtraction facts until twenty, they are obsessed with multiplication.  We are just finishing up some time with arrays and making equal groups to help prep them for multiplication.  We will do some more multiplication at the end of the year...the arrays were fun while they lasted.  My students were fascinated to see how multiplication is the same as repeated addition!  *Enter the oohs and ahhs here* 

In order to help reinforce the idea of arrays I created a array unit that focuses on multiplication readiness.  Check it out here!!

This unit includes..
-3 array posters
-4 interactive Make An Array Activities (differentiated recording sheets) using math materials you have in your classroom!
-Memory Match-Up
-Scavenger Hunt
-Yummy Arrays (3 recording sheets and ideas for using snacks to make arrays)
-9 varied practice sheets
3 practice sheets focusing on making equal groups

My students absolute favorites were creating their own arrays with stickers, Roll an Array with dice, and SCOOT.  Here is a little freebie from the pack for you!

All I ask is that you become a follower and leave some feedback!  THANK YOU!!

I'm so glad to be off today and glad I finally put the finishing touches on my array packet. entire store is 20% off today and tomorrow!  Go check it out HERE!

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Inauguration today, I will leave you with this thought...

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