Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fly Swatter...What?!

One of my favorite household supplies turned teaching tools are FLY SWATTERS!  Yup- regular, old, cheapy flyswatters!  They are the best and my kids get beyond excited to use them!  They automatically sit still, wait patiently, and pay close attention...they are magic! :)

You can get these anywhere.  Most local stores including I bet Dollar Tree have some flyswatters! :)  Mine are old..I have no clue where I got them.  Here are some ways that I use them in my classroom.

1.  Review vocabulary- I put all the vocab words from the week (sometimes the last few weeks) on the interactive white board.  We give glues and the students need to swat the words.  I make a very simple powerpoint and use word art!

2.  Grammar skills-  Be creative- you can use them for almost anything.  I put up a bunch of words on the board, and then I gave a synonym.  Students had to swat the synonym.  They just giggle like crazy and have a blast!

3.  Math facts-   Put answers on the board.  Call out different math problems and students swat the answer.

If you have enough flyswatters (I am in the process of getting more)  students can do this at their desk for the same practice or even review for a test.  You can have each student cut out squares with vocab words or math answers on their desks and then as you call something out, they swat the answer on their desks!  FANTASTIC!

Do you use flyswatters in your classroom?  Do you have any other ideas?  I'd love to try some new activities!  Hope you had a great Monday Tuesday!  (It felt like Monday all day today... at least that means tomorrow is already Wednesday! )

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