Sunday, February 10, 2013

A-Z Teacher Me and Valentine's Day FREEBIE!

I'm linking up with The Polished Teacher for her A-Z Teacher Me linky party!  How fun!  Here we go...
A: App
Sock Puppets and Learn Cursive
B: Book Character-Really?  I have to choose?  I love Gooney Bird Greene, Junie B. and Arthur.  Oh, I could choose a million more....
C: Clip Art
Creative Clips Monsters
My new fav set!  I love Creative Clips for all my clip art needs!!
Lately though, it was the 100th day stickers and bookmarks! What a bargain!
E: Essential To Start DayDiet Coke.  I am obsessed.  
Although, I'm drinking much more water nowadays!
F: FontCT Chunk Dot created byErin at Creating and Teaching.  It's just such a fun font.  I love it! :)
Check it out!
G: Game
Spelling Silent Ball and Math Jeopardy
I've talked about my love affair with Jeopardy before HAHA!  but I also love Spelling Silent ball.  Get it...SILENT is the key word!  They throw the ball around and have to spell a word, but if the talk, they are out!  O-U-T- out! :)    I used to love Sparkle but since I have 3 different spelling lists, this one works!
H: Holiday- Christmas. Hands Down!  There is just so much happiness in the air and so many fun things to do!
I: Ice CreamCookies and Cream!   Yum!  I am a huge ice cream junkie.  It is my absolute weakness.  I love going to Cold Stone and Dairy Queen in the summer.
J: Jewelry PieceMy Godmother made me a necklace with some of the diamonds from my grandma's wedding ring.  It's the best and means the world to me!
K: Kid-ismWhen we were taking about Martin Luther King Jr. we were comparing ourselves to him. 
Me:  How are you similar to MLK?
Student:  Well, we kind of have the same nose.
HAHAHA!  I guess he didn't understand what I meant exactly, but points for effort... :)
L: Location To TravelDisneyworld!  :)  LOVE.
M: Management Technique- I love having the students use number signals for drink ,washroom, sharpen pencils.  It really saves my sanity! :)
N: Nail Polish
Margarita OPI (I think it's Margarita something...)
I'm not Just a Waitress by OPI

O: Open House Idea
We only have one open house right in the beginning of the year.  But, I love to give the students a check-list on their desk.  They can go around showing their parents and "entourage" all the different aspects of our classroom and tell them about the first week of school as they do it!
P: Pinterest Find
What a great and simple idea! LOVE!
Q: Quote
Thank you, Mother Teresa.
R: Read-Aloud
Sideway Stories from Wayside School- all 3 of them.
Your kids will be rolling with laughter and begging you to read more.
Your'e welcome.
S: School Supply-Markers.  Smelly Markers, Sharpie Markers, Dry Erase Markers...just markers!  Fresh new markers make me so happy!
T: TPT/TN Product- Oh, there are so many to choose from.
However, right now my favorite is this Opinion Writing Unit.  It even comes with a rubric!  It's from Susan Moran at TGIF.  Check it out here.

U: Un-Official Hobby- well I love to craft and I used to knit.  Does that count?  I'd love to start knitting again.  Maybe over spring break?
V: Video Brain Break- There are some fun kid yoga dvds that are great!
W: Way To Spend A Day Off- On the couch in my PJs cuddling and watching movies with my husband!
X: X-tra Special Blogs You 
Y: Yummy Dessert- Strawberry shortcake (some angel food cake with fresh strawberries and cool whip.  BEST EVER!)
Z: Zoo Animal- I love giraffes and zebras. I'm not sure why, but I love them!

And now that you got to the end of my post, here is a fun little Valentine's Day Freebie-  A Valentine's Day BUMP game board!  Ahh- my kids will be stoked to play this game this week!! Click here! ENJOY!

Don't forget- my Be A Contraction Mon-STAR packet is on sale through tonight!!

Happy Sunday!  I just found out Downton Abbey is two hours tonight, so I am stoked!


  1. Where we moved to, we don't have Coldstone. I was CRUSHED when I found that out!! Love that OPI polish on the right (the pink one) - it's really pretty! I know you said you love to knit, but do you do any other crafts? I'm always looking for inspiration!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Hi Sara! :) Oh no- I just LOVE Coldstone!!! That would be terrible!! My friend and I have started to make some different wreaths. They are pretty easy! Here is a link to my pinterest board. The felt ones are fun and easy and you can vary it in so many ways!
      Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the great freebie and thanks so much for linking up with me! Diet Coke strikes again! Everyone seems to be obsessed with it! I love your nail polish choices! I will have to add them to my wish list!


    1. Thanks for hosting the linky party! It was a fun one! :) I love reading everyone's and seeing everyone's nail polish choices, too!!! :-)

  3. The freebies are great! I found your blog through the 400 followers giveaway. I also LOVE the Wayside school books and listed them as my read aloud when I linked up too! Great minds think alike. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Thanks so much for stopping over to my little blog! :) Absolutely- Wayside School books rock!! :) I get yelled at from my students every time I say "door" instead of "goozack" They just love that!! I'm heading over to your blog now! I love finding new blogs- especially 2nd grade blogs! :)