Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for Friday (or Saturday) and a Freebie!!

Here we go...I'm sorry for the lack of pictures this week...

1.  Mother's Day Project
I just love the Mother's Day project that we do!  I can't take any credit for it.  My teammates have been doing it long before I started teaching with them in second grade.  (They rock by the way, I am so lucky to have such an awesome team!!) :)  I think this idea is from an old Mailbox magazine.  

We take pictures of the kids holding a very pretty fake bouquet of flowers.  Then we have them copy this adorable poem on a cute border paper.  It's too cute!

Dear Mom,
I will love you forever,
And forever you will be,
The most wonderful mother,
You mean everything to me.
I thought of buying you flowers,
In the usual way, 
But, I knew you would prefer

2.  Bulls and Blackhawks Playoffs
It's a great time of year for sports in Chicago.  I'm just loving all the playoff action.  The Blackhawks have a really solid team this year and I'm just loving these Bulls games.  I don't want to offend anyone (if you are a Heat fan or's all just fun) but I saw this and it just cracked me up! :)  Muhammed pushed Lebron after he Lebron fouled him pretty bad.  He was ejected from the game and apologized and said he was embarrassed for his actions...a really great guy.  I just thought this was so funny!

3. Multiplication Fun!
We wrapped up basic multiplication and division this week.  My kids just loved it and felt so grown up!  I blogged about it this week here.  Here is another little practice sheet for you to download if you'd like. It focuses on 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10s.  My kids did great with it!

4. Endangered Animals
We're studying endangered animals in science right now!  I bought this unit on TpT during the sale that has some great endangered animals info cards!  Does anyone have any good ideas/units for teaching endangered animals?

5.  Sophie Kinsella!!!!
I have been waiting for her book book and it's out's out!!  I got it this week and I am going to crack it open in a little bit.  Words cannot even explain how excited I am!! I think she is a hilarious writer, and I just love the British humor!

Hope you're having a great weekend!! Any great reads on your list right now?


  1. I love Sophie Kinsella too! I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to start reading the book and I opened it this afternoon. Usually, I get really into a book and just keep reading until I'm finished, but I have so much to do I am going to have to take my time. Love the Mother's Day poem!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica!! :) I here you on the taking your time thing, I'm the same way. There is just way too much end of the year stuff to get done!!!!! :)


  2. I also love Sophie Kinsella! I'm also helping out with the Compassionate Teacher's giveaway and am new your newest follower!
    Polka Dot Kinders

    1. HI Sara!!! YES!!! Sophie Kinsella is so great!!! She just cracks me up!! Thanks for stopping by!:) I'm on my way to go check out your blog! :)