Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation TpT Sale and Currently!!

I'm joining some great bloggers for the TpT teacher appreciation sale!  Our stores are all 20% off, and enter the promo code TAD13 to receive an additional 10% off your order! WOO HOO!!  I know that my cart is full!!  Check out our stores and fill your cart!  Just click on the picture and go visit our stores!  We appreciate you! :)

Lori from Conversations in Literacy

Alyssha from Teaching and Tapas

Bridget from Literacy without Worksheets

My store!!  Katie from Smiles form 2nd Grade

Jessica from Second Grade Nest
Huge thanks to Bridget from Literacy without Worksheets for creating the cute graphics!
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And finally, I'm linking up with Farley for Currently May

Listening-  Does anyone else just L.O.V.E. Mad Men? My husband and I are obsessed although we have been underwhelmed this season!  Hoping it starts to get better! :)

Loving-  My husband and I both have a personal day tomorrow.  Yes, that = heaven!  It's been a very stressful few weeks with some crappy news, so we are both excited.  We are going to play tennis in the morning.  Heck yea!! I even think I might beat him! ;)

Thinking-  Holy Cow!!  How do I only have 3 weeks left of school?!  There is so much left to do!!  Is anyone else in the same boat?

Wanting-  I'm trying to finish up my end of the year Math Masterpiece centers!  Here's hoping it gets done before Tuesday!

Needing- organize our house-  especially our extra bedroom.  Between extra school stuff and craft stuff and just stuff..well we need an organization miracle!!  someone, please help us!!!

Summer Bucket List- We use a certain spiral math curriculum that doesn't quite align with the CCSS, so my team and I are working hard to make sure we are ready to go and teach units CCSS next year!  Also, I love Debbie Miller (especially Teaching with Intention) and I just need a little of her in my life right now! :)


  1. I couldn't help but laugh as soon as I saw that you're listening to Mad Men because the end of my Currently blog post was a bit of whining that I'm three episodes behind, and normally nothing can stand between me and Don! I love that show--the writing is superb!

    Good luck with your math unis this summer. I'll be doing something similar with ELA for 4th grade.

    Eberopolis: Teaching Reading & Writing with Technology

    1. HAHA!! Too funny Alison!! :) I have been kinda underwhelmed this season, but tonight's episode was FAB-U-LOUS!!! I agree that the writing is just brilliant! Hurry up and get caught up! :) Have a great week!

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