Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five for Friday!

Well, this was our last full week of school.  Actually, all we have left is an hour on Tuesday due to emergency days we have to make up!  My room is all packed up!!  Tuesday we are going to have popsicles, play some Minute to Win It games, and do some Dollar Store awards!   I'm so grateful to he awesome bloggers out there for these awesome ideas! :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs again!  Hopefully since I'll be on summer break, next week I'll actually post on Friday! :)

1.  We did some sharing of our writing.  Students got in small groups and shared their poetry books and writing portfolios.  My students did some awesome writing this year, and they really were so excited to share!  Here are some pics!

2.  I love Charlotte's Web.  Every year I read it aloud to my second graders and even though some have seen the newer movie thats out, they are enthralled.  I love seeing their reactions and hearing their thoughts.  We even watched the cartoon version which none of them had seen. It was precious.  I saw this on pinterest today.  I so have to get this!!!

3.  I got the movie You've Got Mail for my birthday a few weeks ago! I just love it.  I know it's such an old movie, and maybe not the best...but it's one of my favs.  Since I have it on blu-ray I've had time to watch it today!  Great start to a chilly long weekend!

4.  I found a new frozen yogurt place that I LOVE LOVE LOVE just in time for summer!  It's called Skinny Sweet.  You can mix/match whatever flavors you want and then put whatever toppings you want on it!  FAB.U.LOUS! :)

5.  Since I'm just about done with school, I'm throwing a SALE in my TpT store this weekend.  The entire store is 20% off!!!  Go stock up for the end of the year or next school year! :)


  1. I'm so jealous that you're almost finished! The next 7 days are going to d-r-a-g by! I love the Charlotte's Web t-shirt! Can you post the link for it? The last 2 Friday nights my husband and I have had frozen yogurt for dinner!

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    1. Hi Sarah! Good luck in the last 7 days. I totally know how painful those last days can be!!! Here is the link for the charlottes web shirt-
      I also just linked it to the shirt above! Sorry about that! Isn't it just too cute? I love it!